April Raquel


Nadashi Marketing partnered with music artist April Raquel at the very beginning of her independent music career. Raquel’s business goals were to establish online presence via social media, develop a consistent and impactful music and personal brand; and increase business opportunities using engagement, business development and brand recognition. Learn More About April Raquel.

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Nadashi Marketing initiated a more streamlined business strategy for April Raquel, including developing a strategic business plan, vision boards, promotional images, public relations and crafting brand language.

Project Highlights

  • Brand Tenets — Distilled vision to 3 main career and business development tenants: Music, Fashion, Athletics. Music is only one-part of the overarching business paths which help to define Raquel’s business motives. As a model, Raquel has a keen interest in the fashionable sense of her brand. Lastly, as a wellness advocate and former athlete, Raquel is adding to her star quality by working on an athletic clothing line inspired by music and fashion.
  • Brand Architecture — Established modern day Tina Turner image. In addition to her soul, funk music genre, Raquel exudes qualities of an energetic and talented music artist creating her own lane in the music industry.
  • Social Media Communications — Established consistent aesthetics, and theme based posts.


Project Components

Business Planning & Strategy

Vision & Mission Tenets

Brand Development

Business Development

Social Media Strategy

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